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    Liam is a little gentleman with a quiet personality, just like the boy next door. Everyone loves to make friends with him. After waking up from his nap, he loves to play with his toy cars all afternoon and he also likes to listen to fairy tales before having a…

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      Baby’s identification ❤ Name: Brien ❤ Gender: Baby Girl ❤ Height: 20 inch ❤ Weight: 1.65 LB ❤ Hair: Hand-rooted mohair or synthetic hair ❤ Eyes: Eyes closed ❤ Eyebrow: 100% pure hand-drawn ❤ Nail: 100% handmade nails, pink nail bed, translucent nails ❤ Scent: A soft baby powder scent Baby Doll Has 2 Kinds Of Body Material To Choose From Cloth body It’s all about the softness!…