[Special Discount] 17.5″ Tobias Truly Reborn Baby Girl Toy




Shh – you don’t want to wake up Darren from her deep sleep.

Darren is a newborn baby girl, so she is always deep asleep. We designed her to look exactly like a newborn and added many fine folds to her small hands and feet, to make her look more like a real infant baby. Darren, who is dreaming, has slightly wrinkled eyebrows, her pink cheeks are full and smooth, and her beautiful Cupid’s bow-like lips are slightly open. She’s petite, can be held in one hand, and her limbs can be fully embraced in your arms, she is the best baby for hugging!

Dimensions: about 17.5 inch / 44 cm from head to toe

Smell: soft baby talcum powder smell, the babies’ smells come from silicone vinyl material, it’s non-toxic and environmentally friendly

Material:the head is GentleTouch vinyl, body is GentleTouch vinyl or PP cotton

Weight: 1.54 lbs.

Safety certification: ASTM F963 and EN71 certified, non-toxic and safe

Applicable age: 3 years and above


The following items will be delivered to you along with your doll:

Magnetic pacifier (random color) * 1

Baby bottle (random color) 1

Clothes * 1 (randomly chosen), the clothes in the picture are only for photographic purposes

2 body materials to choose from:

Cloth body

It’s all about the softness! The babies’ shoulders and body are made of high-quality cotton, and the interior is filled with PP cotton; the arms and legs are made of Gentle Touch vinyl, and the limbs are not detachable. These dolls have no gender. They can sit and lie down easily but can’t stand or take a bath.

Silicone vinyl body

These babies’ bodies and limbs are made of Gentle Touch vinyl, and their limbs are detachable. Darren, who is made of silica gel, is a girl, and can easily sit and lie down, as well as stand up and take a bath.

[Special Discount] 17.5" Tobias Truly Reborn Baby Girl Toy

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