[Heartbeat & Sound]22″ Randi Truly Reborn Baby Doll Girl Full Body Silicone


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As you expect, our “heartbeat” baby doll is coming! Dolls with heartbeats and sounds will be more like real and lively babies. There’s nothing as heartwarming as a baby while she accompanies you like this! Take her home today!

Please note that only dolls with specific models which are “Cloth Body + Heartbeat” have heartbeats and sounds! “Cloth Body Baby Doll” and “Silicone Vinyl Body Baby Doll”  don’t have these functions.

Lifelike Features

aliobabygift reborn baby doll is designed by artists. Every inch of this lifelike baby doll is handcrafted, painted by hand. The warm and humid lips look natural and soft that you can’t help to kiss. These details make this baby extremely like a real baby!

Baby’s Identification

❤ Name: Randi
❤ Gender: Baby girl
❤ Height: 22 inches/55cm, from head to toe
❤ Weight: Approx. 1.6kg/3.5 LB
❤ Creation time: 2020-02-12

Product Details

Material Cloth body / Silicone vinyl body/Cloth body + heartbeat
Eyes Acrylic grey eyes with hand-applied eyelashes.
Hair Hand-rooted mohair, natural soft black hair, just like the real baby hair, high fidelity.
Arms and legs Silicone vinyl (Cloth body doll is 3/4 silicone vinyl)
Skin The skin is the most unique place this doll, designers will spend a lot of time on baby’s skin looks more realistic multi-layer manufacturing.
Clothes Handmade. According to the doll size, the doll will come with clothes.
Function The limbs are movable, the doll can sit and lay down.
Safety Certification Conforms or exceeds the safety requirements of ASTM F963 and EN71 for ages 3+, which is safe for your children.
Widely Usage Festival gifts, birthday gifts, children play with toys, grandpa or grandma accompany doll, lovers, and collectors collection.

You Will Get

  • Reborn doll x 1
  • Baby’s clothes x 1
  • Birth certificate x 1
  • Baby’s bottle x 1
  • Cute pacifier x 1

Why We Choose aliobabygift Reborn Dolls

 Lovely face with vivid facial expression.
Big charming eyes and hand-applied eyelashes.
Handpainted lip, fingernails, and toenails.
Light blushing on the heel, hands, and feet.
A cute magnet pacifier, feeding bottle, and birth certificate are also included in the accessories.

    1. The doll’s clothes in the picture are only used for shooting. Similar clothes may be sent when the clothes on the doll are sold out.
    2. The cloth body baby doll’s limbs are made of silicone vinyl, but for its body, it is made of cloth and solid cotton.
    3. The cloth body doll will be installed completely and sent to you. The silicone vinyl doll’s legs need to install by yourself. (See the FAQ for the installation diagram)
    4. The “heartbeat doll” is unwashable, please keep the doll away from the fire and do not try to take out electronic components.

          [Heartbeat & Sound]22" Randi Truly Reborn Baby Doll Girl Full Body Silicone

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