20″ Noah Reborn Baby Toy


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The scent of the baby comes from the Vinyl vinyl material, non-toxic and eco-friendly The doll’s eyes are not moving, but the limbs can move. Version: 100% handmade reborn baby Collector’s Edition

Level: Limited Edition

Material: Made of imported Vinyl, it has an unparalleled skin texture and a real touch feeling, which makes people love it. Moderately soft and hard.

Length: 50 cm or so

Weight: 1.7kg

Limbs: 3/4 arm and full leg
Body: The shoulder and body are made of internal filling material, and the joints can be twisted at will.

Eyebrows: completely drawn by hand, flat.

Nose: The nostrils are like breathing, and the fidelity is very high.

Lips: Warm and moist, it looks natural and soft, you can’t help but want to kiss.

Nail: small hand-painted small nails, red nail bed and translucent small nails, and even some nails have the same milky white half crescent

Skin: The skin is the most unique place of this doll, it looks more real. The skin color is specially treated and will not fade.

Production: This simulation baby is definitely bringing you a brand new super perfect experience. To marvel at you, you also greatly appreciate the talent of the artist.

What you are buying is a regenerative doll that you can’t play as a toy for your young children. It is a collection for lovers who like to simulate babies. The baby’s skin is white and clean. On the forehead, all the limbs are drawn with capillaries, and the skin naturally appears red. The picture is taken in kind, and what you see is the one you bought.

20" Noah Reborn Baby Toy